The Science

Technology breakthrough

DASH Assay Cartridge

  • Easy to Use – Scan and load sample, close cap, run

  • Single Use – All in one cartridge from lysis to detection

  • Elegant Design – Minimal components and assembly

  • Multiplex Capable – Single cartridge for multiple targets

  • Robust – Stabilized reagents at room temperature

DASH is a quantitative PCR system that identifies infectious viral and bacterial agents in less than 15 minutes. During the first 10 minutes samples are extracted and purified with sequence specific capture probes. Paramagnetic particles (PMP) are added to bind the target probe complex. Targets are then separated magnetically from the swab extraction buffer, washed and transported to the PCR chamber. During the last 5 minutes of the assay 40 PCR temperature cycles are performed. During the 40 cycles fluorescence is measured with a four channel optical system.

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