The Platform

DASH (Diagnostic Analyzer for Specific Hybridization) Characteristics:  

  • Method - Quantitative PCR and reverse transcription real-time PCR (RT-qPCR)

  • Time to Result  15 minutes or less

  • Specimens - Nasal swab, saliva, nasopharyngeal, UTM/VTM

  • Specimen Preparation - Targets extracted, purified and concentrated with sequence specific capture probes

  • Multiplex – 4-channel capability

  • Easy to Use – Designed for POC CLIA waived

  • Connectivity – Available via Minute Molecular cloud Interface

DASH is a quantitative PCR system that identifies infectious viral and bacterial agents in less than 15 minutes, operated by non-laboratory personnel with less than 1 minute hands on time.  DASH's small foot print (11"Dx15"Hx4"W) supports hospital and outside hospital testing. DASH units can be connected together providing from 4 to 24 sample results per hour.

Multiple DASH units will meet a wide range of user requirements:

Testing use cases require a wide range of throughputs.  Multiple DASH units will easily fit on a lab counter providing 4 – 24 tests per hour.  Results for each patient are available 15 minutes after cartridge loading.


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